Sunday, September 01, 2002

I was recently chatting to a conference organizer looking for new angles on KM. I mentioned that I thought the field had failed to carry over much of what was learned in the early days of Expert Systems (akak Rule-Based Systems and Knowledge-Based Systems). Its been a while since I worked in the field myself and I was alarmed to discover just how dead my network was.
However, there are still some good products out there (e.g. Firepond) and Aion that ares till being put to good use behind the scenes. Anyone driving a B2C website or call centre that has high training costs would still do well to look at this technology as a way to automate knowledge-rich processes.
Philosophical -aside: Expert Systems are about the only case where computers are doing more than storing and manipulating information\data, for those that get hierarchical about such distinctions.

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