Tuesday, August 27, 2002

My starting premise is that I don't believe in Blogs as a useful thing to do. Largely because they're so unstructured that it seems like too much effort to get any value out of somebody else's Blog. However, I promised Dave Gurteen I'd give them a go and see if it changed my mind.

What I want to see, then, is evidence that anybody reads this stuff. Whereas most Blogs try to attract readers by telling them useful things, I'm going to go straight in there with a plea for you to tell me stuff instead (or at least to get in touch with me at sammarshall@yahoo.DELETE-THIS.com [anti spam thing - sorry])
* anybody out there looking at how extreme programming relates to teamwork or KM?
* anybody interested in knowledge management in start-up companies or new ventures?
* anyone else work in a large R&D department as a KM specialist?

Thank you for your attention.

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