Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Personal Knowledge Management
I've just finished reviewing Mick Cope's 'Know Your Value?' (see www.wizoz.co.uk or Amazon) for KM Magazine. To me KYV is about the only book that tries to take KM principles and scale them right down to what inividuals should be doing. It appeals to me more than, say, all the Me plc and personal branding stuff that comes from (mostly) the USA.

However, I'm disappointed that the Personal KM movement doesn't seem to have taken off. I thought it was almost inevitable as people grappled with the 'culture' question that we'd have to more-or-less have a conversation with everyone about what it means to be a knowledge worker. Only a few (e.g. Rumizen in 'The Idiot's Guide to KM - best intro there is by the way) and Gurteen in his workshops (www.gurteen.com) seem to have picked it up. Some are saying that Blogging is the practical tool that PKM has been missing so far (OK, by 'some', I mean me, just then, but I'm sure that's what the 'blogging=KM' articles elsewhere mean). But to me the bigger issue is that Copes book sets out why people should share ideas (vs. never Blog in case my ideas are stolen), get over 'Not Invented Here' syndrom and be more creative in working out 'what's in it for me?'. In short, all the barriers to making KM work that are usually labelled culture.

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